Whether you're looking for a church to call home or just visiting, we hope you experience the joy and love of Jesus at Runnymede Community Church.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our front doors open at 10:00am and the service begins at 10:30am. The service typically wraps up between 11:50am-12:00pm. We're a fairly casual community, and while we tend to follow a similar order of service each week, we've also learned to leave room for the unexpected-- whether that's the Holy Spirit leading us to pause and pray, or a little friendly heckling from the pews.

A typical service includes: welcome and announcements, worship in song, prayer for the offering, children's dismissal, and a sermon.

Another regular Runnymede tradition is our mid-service coffee break. We value this time not just for the coffee (or tea), but because it gives us a chance to connect with one another, and it's often a great time to introduce yourself to someone new. This fellowship time picks up after the service too, so stick around for a refill!

A: Yes, kids of all ages are welcome! We keep our kids with us during the first part of the service, and then they head downstairs to the classrooms for Sunday School. You can find more information about our children's ministries here.

We also have regular programming for teens-- take a look at the youth group page for more info.

A: There is no expectation that you should look a certain way for church-- we care more that people are comfortable than conforming to a particular dress code. On any given Sunday, congregants wear a range of styles, from casual to spiffy, though in general most people are pretty informal.

A: RCC is a non-denominational church, and we view the Lord's Supper as a symbolic act that is an important part of worshipping God and remembering the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of every month in the middle of the service, and all are invited to come to the table. Typically the communion servers stand at the front holding the plates of juice and crackers/wafers, and they offer a blessing to those who come up to partake of the elements. (Gluten-free crackers are always available for those who need them.)

A: We are still in the midst of making our building fully accessible. At this time, we have an accessibility lift at the west entrance-- ring the doorbell and one of our trained volunteers will assist you.

The next project on our list is the installation of an accessible washroom.

A: We do not expect visitors to donate money to the church. Tithing (also referred to as the 'offering') is an important way for regular attendees and members to support the ministries of the church, but newcomers shouldn't feel any pressure to give financially.

A: We'd love to meet you! Please introduce yourself to us on Sunday, call the church office (416-767-1401), or reach out by email (info@runnymedechurch.org).

You can find lots of information on the website about ways to get involved in our church community, including small groups, social events, and youth ministries. If you are interested in taking part in any RCC ministries or programs, feel free to reach out to a member of staff and we’ll help you get connected.

Take a look through the "About Us" pages for more information about our leadership, values, ministries, and more!

A: One of the main ways that we keep in touch with the congregation (whom we lovingly call “Runnymeders”) is through our weekly e-newsletter, the “Runnymede News”. This is where details about upcoming events and services are shared, as well as prayer requests, updates about church life, study resources, and more. As personal details are sometimes shared in the newsletter, we generally wait to add new subscribers until after we've met in person.  If you've been to a service and would like to sign up, submit your contact details using this form.

Where To Find Us

Runnymede Community Church is located at Colbeck St & Runnymede Rd, one block north of Runnymede Station. If you're driving, there's always lots of room in the parking lot!

60 Colbeck St
Toronto, ON