I was greatly encouraged by Ray S’s testimony this past Sunday. A couple of key things come to my mind as I’ve been thinking about what he shared:

  • God is at work through the Holy Spirit long before a person has any “church” connections
  • Human beings have a deep desire for meaning and purpose that this world cannot satisfy (see C.S. Lewis’ Surprised by Joy)
  • Unhealthy church experiences can taint one’s perspective on the good news of Jesus – where are the safe spaces for unpacking that “baggage”?  (I suspect this is also a key issue for our young adults in the current generation)
  • An unforced invitation from a trusted friend is a doorway into considering the claims of Jesus – Alpha is still a great tool for this type of engagement

Questions to consider

  • What about Ray’s experience connected with you?  
  • What questions or ideas did it raise?
Click HERE to watch Ray's testimony.