Runnymede Community Church - Bloor West Village Toronto Ontario Canada



We exist to worship God, and to grow together into a mature relationship with Him and His family; to introduce people to Jesus, and demonstrate His love by serving others.


To love God, be committed to one another and engage our community.

Relationships are what it’s all about. We put a high value on encouraging interaction between the generations. The diversity of young and old, married and single, and various ethnic cultures makes our congregation very colourful and rich.


Newcomers to our church immediately notice the informality of dress and style. People can participate in any service to the degree they desire. We try not to put expectations or judgments on anyone’s worship style.


Contemporary, upbeat music is our flavour. We have lots of music in every service, and great worship teams that get us moving. The children seem to enjoy it the most.


We believe church is supposed to be supernatural. We look to God’s Holy Spirit to be present in our times together and to empower us in everything we do, as individuals and as a congregation.


The most important part of being a Christian is being in relationship with God! And the way that we best express that relationship is through prayer. We have a strong emphasis on prayer at Runnymede.

The Bible

We take the Bible seriously, and try to read it for all it’s worth! The Bible is God’s “love letter” to us. When we read and study it, we expect it to change our hearts and our actions.

Spiritual Life & Progress

God loves us just the way we are, but we’re nowhere near perfect! Through our teaching, worship, and study resources, we are aiming to become more like Jesus.


We want to share the good things Jesus has given us! We try to bless the people around us by bringing the ministries of the church outside the walls of the building to our neighbours, friends and family.

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