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As of November 7, 2021, we are now meeting inside the building! Further to the attached pastoral letter from John-Mark endorsing vaccination within our faith community, please read the attached letter which outlines the rationale for the church to immediately move to requiring proof of vaccination.

We would love to have you worship with us in person. To that end, anyone entering the building must be free of any COVID-19 symptoms and, apart from children under 12, must present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination with identification OR documented medical exemption and identification.

It has been a challenge to arrive at a decision on this important issue as no solution appears to be perfect so we thank you in advance for practising grace as we implement these new protocols, particularly as it will take more time to enter the building.

If you can PLEASE register on-line by Saturday night and arrive about 15 minutes early it would be most appreciated! Email the church administrator for a link to the registration form.

There is a second attachment which outlines the safety policies for all indoor meetings. This is especially relevant for any group leaders who will be using the building in the coming weeks. As we are discouraging serving any food or beverages, there will not be a coffee time during the service (personal beverages or snacks are fine, but please do not remove your mask for longer than is necessary). We encourage everyone to enjoy conversations with each other outside after the service.

On Communion Sundays (first Sundays in the month), we have purchased individual cups and wafer sets which will be safely distributed as we celebrate Communion together.  

If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact John-Mark.  

A few reminders:

CHILDREN AT CHURCH - Even though we are back inside, the children, for now, will continue to go to the park after the initial worship so please dress them accordingly! It is extremely helpful to know ahead of time how many children will be attending.   

CHILLY NEWS - The heating system in the church is down, so you will need to dress warmly for now. *As of November 19th, the heating system is fully operational*

Stay tuned for a decision whether next week's service will be indoors where it's chilly or out, but either way you will need to bundle up.  Hats, mitts, boots and blankets are a good idea! For those at home, the sermon and host message with worship music will still be available by clicking on Virtual Church on our website.    

*As of November 19th, the heating system is fully operational*