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Sunday Worship, May 22, 2022
John-Mark Cockram
John-Mark Cockram
Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Pastor John-Mark continues our discussion of grace from the Parable of the Wicked Servant (Mattgew 18:21-35). Some things to ponder this week: 

  • God’s grace and justice are never at odds – God is perfectly gracious and perfectly just – “fairness is not sameness”
  • Jesus’ warning about not living by grace once you have received it (Mt 18:35) suggests that humans who reject “God’s math” of grace yielding more grace put themselves under judgement
  • Jesus told Peter to forgive the person who sins against him 70 x 7 (Mt 18:22), this doesn’t mean enabling another person to hurt themselves or others:
      - In this context, “brother” may mean fellow disciple, however elsewhere Jesus speaks of loving those outside the faith with a radical love (see Mt 5:43-48) which is also tied to the gracious character of God
      - Just before the parable, Jesus gives his disciples a model for restoration of relationships which includes removing someone who does not want to change damaging behaviour (see Mt 18:15-17) – it’s possible this also mirrors the king’s response to the evil servant, i.e. limiting what harm someone can do to others
  • In your life this week, how will grace grow in you? By understanding God’s gift of himself to you in Jesus and the Spirit? By asking for forgiveness from someone you have hurt? By forgiving someone who has hurt you?
  • Are there relationships in your life that need healthy boundaries?  Is the way you’re showing grace enabling another in unhealthy behaviours?