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Sunday Worship, November 28, 2021
John-Mark Cockram
John-Mark Cockram
Sunday, November 28, 2021
Notes & Handouts

Welcome to everyone joining our livestream.

Please feel free to use the chat feature on the website throughout the service. One of our staff or volunteers will be moderating, so let them know if you are having any issues with the video or audio, or if you have any comments or questions about the service.

  • If you ever forget to sign up before Sunday morning, don't ever hesitate to come anyway-- we're glad to have you here, and are happy to register you when you arrive!
  • During today's service there will be a members' vote to confirm the selection for the Nominating Committee. If you are a member watching the livestream, please check the chat for instructions on how to vote.
  • Today is the first Sunday of Advent, and later we will be lighting the "Hope" candle.